Travelling requires planning. To be able to fly from your country to a foreign country will mean that you prepare yourself financially. Some people travel as a hobby, or because they have some free time. Globetrotting is always an amazing experience as one learns cultures from different people and their ways of life. If you love travelling, you have probably ticked off the destinations you have already visited, and are still penning down your future destinations. Well, why not try adding the following destinations to your bucket list?

Quebec, Canada: The beautiful multi cultural province in Canada boasts of tens of water ways, cathedrals, museums, vast forests and a number of historic sites. Quebec province has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. You will enjoy your visit here as there are many outdoor activities you can engage in. Tourists can cycle around, go for dog sledging, canoeing, ice climbing, skiing, kayaking, or hiking in the mountains. Vieux Quebec is a place you will definitely not want to miss in your visit. You will absolutely love the New French architecture that will have you feeling like you are in Europe. The Montmorency Falls are a spectacular site. The Falls are at least thirty meters higher than the Niagara Falls and are even more beautiful to watch during the winter as icicles cling to its chute. If you love having that adrenaline rush, then ensure that you go for zip lining and cross the suspension bridge that hangs above the Montmorency waterfall.

Adventurous souls go for hiking along the cliff and climb the Via Ferrata. The Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal gives a magnificent look at night with its bright blue and gold décor. To have a better look at the cathedral, you can attend mass or book for a group tour. It is also a good place to go and reflect about the inner you if you are spiritual. You can also take a two night kayak tour to the St. Lawrence Estuary. If you are a newbie in kayaking, you will be taught how to kayak using high quality equipment. Is it really a complete trip to Quebec if one does not go snowshoeing? You can trek through the white wilderness to a log cabin where you will enjoy fondue.

Morocco: Start by taking a road trip between Chefchaouen and Al Hoceima. You will be treated to a scenic sight as you drive. The olive farms, cork oaks and cedar forest give you a beautiful view that will capture all your concentration. You can drive for over 200 kilometers along the ridge of the mountains and not get bored as the sight is breathtaking. Don’t forget to stop over at the Roman Ruins of Lixus while in Morocco. History has it that the area was once inhabited by Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. The area still has that ancient touch that if you travel there you will feel a few hundred years old. There is little signage and so it is advised that you have a guide when visiting. It is also scarcely populated therefore you may not interact with a lot of people if you hoped to. The Roman Ruins of Lixus are located five kilometers up the coast from Lerache. If you however want more human interaction visit the village of Bhalil. Here locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors. The local cuisine served in the village is tasty and visitors have a time of their life sampling dishes and learning about the culture of the people in Bhalil village.

Dampier Peninsula, Australia: It is home to the Cable Beach, Pender Bay, Sun Pictures, James Price Point, Broome Bird Observatory and Rowley Shoals Marine Park. Cable Beach is Western Australia’s most famous landmark. Visitors are always thrilled to ride on the camels present in the evenings. Birds fly from as far as Siberia to Roebuck Bay, Broome. Gantheaume Point and Dinosaur Prints viewpoint in Broome give a striking view at dawn and sunset. The Pindan cliffs often turn Scarlet and the Indian Ocean appears glamorous turquoise. This part of Broome is historically significant as nearby lies varied collections of dinosaur footprints. The footprints are however difficult to spot at low tide. The red cliffs and beautiful white beaches often have visitors hooked at Cape Leveque. Lovers of swimming and snorkeling will enjoy their stay here. Cape Leveque Is at the tip of Dampier Peninsula, and to access it you will have to pass through Kooljaman. If you visit Pender bay between May and September, you are able to see humpback whales from offshore. To get to Pender Bay you will have to access it through the small Pender bay camping ground, or the Whale Song Café, if open.

Venice, Italy: A boat tour on the Canal Grande in Italy is something every visitor in Italy should do. The experience is like no other. To feel like one of the locals, visit non tourist areas like markets and local churches. You can start with the Rialto Market and buy fresh farm produce and fish. The vendors are friendly and will often communicate in the local dialect. Take a short walk in Venice after dusk, to appreciate the beauty of the city. The city is usually less populated at this time, and you will be able to have a great time by just walking and observing their way of life. You can make your way to churches as the ancient architectural designs of churches stand out from the rest of the new buildings. The, mosaics and paintings of medieval artistes are found in a number of church walls. Going to look at the paintings can be a good pastime while in Venice.

Travelling the world over exposes us to a lot of things we may not have known previously. It is one way of killing ignorance, as mainstream media sometimes creates a narrative about some destinations and the stereotype is stuck with us. Travelling enables one kill stereotypes especially  those associated with developing d countries, as we are able to experience the hospitality and beautiful sceneries away from home first hand.

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